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Oriental Perfumes

Where are they made?

Oriental perfumes are made in the Persian Gulf countries - Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. The major manufacturers are those with a long tradition. For example, Rasasi, Ajmal, Al Haramain, Swiss Arabian.

How are they used?

Perfume oils (CPO) are applied with a glass rod fixed to the bottle cap. Traditionally, they are applied to the toes, behind the knees and to the neckline, and on the inner side of the wrists, elbows and ear lobes. This process of application is not random. Perfume is applied from the bottom up because it is known that heat rises. One should be careful the oil does not come into contact with clothes. Massage the perfume oil into the skin (like body lotion) and it will be absorbed quickly. The scent will stay with you all day. In this way, your chest, neck and even hair can be perfumed. Eau de Parfum (EdP) is usually applied to warm parts of the body - the chest, neck and wrists. Apply EdP to your hair for a long-lasting effect. Arabian EdP is as intense as pure perfume. Allow 15-30 minutes after application for the fragrance to develop. After this, the beautiful scent will last for hours and days, like exquisitely decorated handmade robes made to fit.

How to choose

How do I choose?

Each perfume is described in full. If you are unsure, you may try a tester (see below). You may also tell us which perfume you usually use and we will recommend one from our selection.


You may order a sample of each perfume in our selection. Each tester is a small vial - CPO: 0.6 ml (0.02 FL. OZ.) or EdP: 1.2 ml (0.04 FL. OZ.).